Girls are our greatest natural resource.

When girls and women take center stage, we bring our world back into balance.

Our mission at Spotlight: Girls is to educate, inspire, and activate girls and women to take center stage.  Through our summer camps, afterschool programs, and related products and media, we grow Go Girls!™️

What’s a Go Girl!? A Go Girl! is someone who says yes to new experiences while saying no to keep herself safe.  She gives to others while taking in and appreciating the good things all around her.  She is not perfect.  She accepts each mistake as a chance to learn and grow.  She feels all her feelings – even the ones that don’t feel very good.  She knows she is just right as she is.  A Go Girl! accesses the power of her voice, body, and imagination to make bold and brave choices in her life and in her community. 

Why Girls?

We believe that women and girls are our greatest natural resource.  We are the makers, mothers, teachers and healers who will lead us to build a more compassionate world.  When we build girls’ capacity to love and respect themselves, connect across difference, keep themselves safe, and be more empathetic, we will all benefit.

Go Girls! Summer 2017

Go Girls!™️ is a girls-only camp where girls learn and practice social and emotional skills through the arts.  Over two weeks, rising first through fourth grade girls practice theater, expressive arts, and music and make and perform their very own play that promotes pro-social values. In “Go Girls! Productions, older girls (rising fifth and sixth grade) produce, edit, direct, and star in their own short films. All the while, the girls are led by qualified, talented and friendly teaching artists and teen assistants.

Each day at Go Girls! drama camp, campers enjoy a combination of arts-based instruction, facilitated community building time, and lots of free play. They participate in acting, music, media, dance and visual arts activities. They also play outside and take time to relax and read. On the last day of the two-week camp, they perform in “the big show”, which you can watch. You’re in for a treat! The show is always an original and exciting theatrical experience which is often the highlight of your daughter’s time at Go Girls!

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Be Creative.  Be Safe.  Be You.  Online.  #GirlsMakeMedia is our free guide to help tween girls navigate creating and consuming media online.

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