Spotlight:Girls celebrates and activates girls and women through multi-media learning experiences, products, and events.

Founded in 2006 by Lynn Johnson & Allison Kenny, partners in life and business, Spotlight:Girls is a benefit corporation based in Oakland, CA that is working to ignite a Compassion Revolution by putting girls center stage.

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In 2002, Lynn Johnson & Allison Kenny met, fell in love, and almost immediately decided to go into business together.  The following year, they started life as “Glitter & Razz Camp” at the Marsh Youth Theater in San Francisco (2003-2006). We moved to the East Bay in 2006, officially launched our business as “Glitter & Razz Productions,” and in 2007 moved into the Glitter & Razz Dramatic Play Space – a creative co-op located in the heart of Oakland, CA’s Rockridge district – where we lived until 2012.

During our time in Rockridge, we served hundreds of girls and boys ages 4-11 through summer camps, school-break camps, after-school programs, birthday parties, and other special programs.  In 2012, after a process of deep and heart-centered reflection, we made the decision to focus our business around our internal passion for and market success of Go Girls! Camp.  We knew that we could better work towards of mission of achieving global compassion by focusing our efforts on helping girls love themselves, each other, and their world.

Four years later, after Lynn and Allison adopted their daughter, they made the move to incorporate and become Spotlight:Girls.

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