Goodbye Glitter & Razz, Hello Spotlight:Girls

2006 marks the 10 year anniversary of our business.  And, 10 years ago, when we started, Glitter & Razz Productions was such a fun name, wasn’t it?  It captured the playful experience of our camps, classes, and birthday parties.

However, since 2012, we have been focused on other things. This was said about us recently:

“The program is differentiated—[it] creates differentiated social and emotional experiences. Kids come in not knowing one another and leave being best friends. Because they don’t know each other, there’s a lot of nervousness around building friendships and building community. Practices such as Kidpower and mindfulness enable them to become their best true selves. This leads to deeper friendships and the ability to express selves in play. They feel a wide range of choice to be who they really are. This all happens within a short time, which is amazing.”

Sure, our programs are fun, but, it is more than just “glitter” and “razz,” isn’t it?  We believe that there is something a whole lot more revolutionary going on here.

For awhile now, we have needed a name that, while still fun, captures the seriousness of our mission in the world.  To find our new name, we worked with Renee Rubin Ross, an organizational consultant and mama of a Go Girl!, who interviewed a number of folks, helped us define our brand, and ultimately helped us choose our new name.

In the Market Research Summary Report she created for us, we learned that our community saw us as:

  • Fun and playful
  • Girl-centered
  • Empathetic and Compassionate
  • Creative
  • Asset-based
  • Peaceful
  • Authentic
  • Visionary
  • High Quality

We needed a name that captured this essence and allowed to move to our next level of growth.  I stumbled upon the name Spotlight:Girls and, after trying it on for size for a few days, it stuck.  Allison and I both liked the play on the word “spotlight;” how it shows exactly the focus of our work at the same time, bringing in our theatrical roots.

It’s not even been one week with this new name, but so far, we feel quite at home with it.  We can’t wait to see where it will take us over the next 10 years.

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