Take Center Stage

Spotlight: Girls is a media and consulting firm that educates, inspires, and activates girls and women to take center stage and become the leaders we have all been waiting for.

Learning Cohorts

Girl Advocates benefit from our decades of experience through online courses, coaching modules, and in-the-room workshops.


Become a Licensed Go Girls!™ Provider

Bring our highly-recognized arts and empowerment program to girls in your community.



Our expert team works with you to design and implement gender-responsive, social justice-based programs, events, and campaigns.


Looking for Go Girls! Camp 2020?

Go Girls! Camp in Oakland and Berkeley is now owned and operated by an independent licensed provider and Go Girls! Mama, Carli Kyles.

Lynn Johnson, CEO

Lynn is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, coach, and producer with almost 30 years of experience inspiring thousands of girls (and other genders) of all ages all over the country.


Allison Kenny, Creative Director

Allison is an author, actor, director, and producer.  She is the writer and publisher Starring Celia and producer of So Get Me: the Alphabet Rockers podcast for families making change! 


Oakland Freedom Theater

A division of Spotlight: Girls, in partnership with Be The Change Consulting, Oakland Freedom Theater is a first-of-it’s kind ensemble of actors, musicians and expert facilitators utilizing art and empathy to dismantle systems of oppression.

Certified B Corp

Spotlight: Girls is a women/Black/queer-owned business based in Oakland, CA since 2006.  We are proud to be a "Best for the World" Certified B Corporation®. This means we meet rigorous social, environmental, transparency, and accountability standards.

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